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That's because WordPress is woven into the pop culture. Everyone's heard of it even if they don't know what it is. Hosting companies all have "WordPress" hosting or promote that installer over the rest. So yes they have kept popularity. When I get customer that are noobs they all say "I want WordPress" and I say you get Joomla!


Back in 2010 when I had to pick a CMS for my class I had never touched any of them. I tested all 3 (Joomla, WordPress, Drupal) and Joomla even at 1.5 was so much more the best choice. WordPress is overly simple so I suppose that's why it's popular too. Once you need to do anything beyond creating a page and posts you are mucking around with plugins and shortcodes and it's a mess.


Maybe it's as simple as the name just didn't work? "Joomla" Who knows but Joomla 3 is one awesome system.


Drupal is overly complex. It's the Goldilocks thing. Joomla is just right.

( DaveOzric)